The Ultimate Tax Heaven

With warm beautiful weather all year round, Nevis tax heaven captures the heart of all who visit its shores. Tax heaven Nevis lies next to its sister isle St. Kitts with which a federation based on the Westminster Parliamentary system was formed. Tax haven Nevis is a fairly small island that covers about 36 square miles and can be traveled to from Puerto Rico in about one hour.

Tax haven Nevis has a population of roughly 12,000, most of which is of African descent. As a tropical paradise with clear blue beaches and lush scenery, tax haven Nevis woos its visitors to the splendor of a peaceful and unique West Indian culture. The island’s scenery and positive business outlook makes tourism and foreign direct investment two vital areas of tax haven Nevis economy which was claimed to have a higher GDP than St. Kitts, which too, is a favorite tourist destination.

Additional financial services include second citizenship which is important these days because of worldwide unrest. St Kitts and Nevis program for second passports accepts applications under the Sugar Investment Diversification Fund and the Citizenship by Investment program. Besides company formation and offshore banking, licensed service providers offer reliable support to second citizenship applicants during and after the process.

A buoyant tourism and offshore sector in Nevis as a tax haven attracts increasing numbers of foreign investors to the island, signs of which are evidenced in the construction of luxury villas that dot the interiors and line the beach fronts of tax haven Nevis. The real estate sector in tax haven Nevis has greatly benefitted the island’s economy and is an important income earner for local residents and the government through infrastructure development and job creation.

As a tax heaven Nevis permits the offshore formation of different types of offshore business entities. A clear example is the tax heaven Nevis Multiform Foundation which is a fabulous piece of offshore engineering. A multiform foundation in tax haven Nevis can be structured as desired by the persons creating it and converted or transformed from one offshore business entity to the other. For example, a Nevis multiform foundation can be formed as a foundation and then converted into a Nevis offshore trust, a Nevis offshore company afterward, then back into a multiform foundation. In this regard, the multiform foundation makes tax heaven Nevis a very competitive offshore jurisdiction for incorporating offshore foundations.

Other offshore business entities in tax haven Nevis are also constituted with a great deal of flexibility which makes it possible for a foreign or offshore company to transfer in and out of Nevis as an international business company. Consequently, a foreign or offshore company registered in another jurisdiction can reregister in tax haven Nevis as a Nevis company can transfer to Nevis and operate under the offshore regime of Nevis as a tax haven.

Complementing the tax haven Nevis offshore company, the Nevis limited liability company or Nevis LLC offers practically the same possibilities as the Nevis offshore company but has structural differences which make it easier to manage due to the absence of a board, directors and shareholders. The day to day affairs of LLCs in tax haven Nevis are controlled by a manager who is appointed by the members and may or may not be a member of the LLC.

Tax haven Nevis has an offshore legislative framework that is updated regularly so that offshore business entities in Nevis continue to be competitive and attractive. Different types of offshore laws were enacted as new forms of offshore entities were being made available to the international public. As the number of offshore services in tax haven Nevis increased the body of laws to ward off and fight against financial crime also had to be strengthened and improved.

Terminating breaches and abuses of established regulatory policies as well as assuring that offshore companies functioning in tax haven Nevis meet and adhere to those policies are integrated into the legislative system for Nevis as a compliant tax haven.

Most of these duties are given to the financial intelligence unit and financial services commission which are responsible for regulating Nevis as a tax haven. The ministry of finance and financial services department in tax haven Nevis work along with the financial services commission for the provision of offshore business companies in tax haven Nevis. These organisations ensure that Nevis is in compliance with international standards for financial and offshore services in tax haven Nevis.

Among the aforementioned advantages of incorporating in tax haven Nevis, a superior fiscal regime brings comfort to doing business in Nevis as a tax haven. Taxes on Nevis offshore companies are non-existent and include no exemption from exchange controls, capital gains tax, income tax, withholding, estate, succession, gift and transfer tax and stamp duties.